Blog Post #1: The Time I Introduced Myself


Hey Everyone! My name is Rachelle. I created this blog, because I wanted to have a central place to document my progress as I learn how to code.

I’m a tech geek, sci-fi nerd, bookwormish sorta gal. I also love spicy food, dill pickles and photography.

I have 2 other WordPress blogs, a monetized Blogger blog that’s been earning me pocket cash for the last 10 years.

I was a prolific writer for such sites as Associated Content, eHow, and Suite101, where I penned hundreds of SEO focused articles, but then along came the Google Panda algorithm change, and there went the bulk of my online passive income.

Luckily, Hubpages was spared from the Google Panda fiasco, and I still have monetized articles on that platform, put surprisingly enough, I don’t really enjoy creating content for sites other than my own, so my online writing endeavors just sort of fizzled out.

What I do enjoy, is authoring my own blogs/sites, and tinkering around with front-end stuff, such as HTML, and CSS. I used to play around in the code of my Myspace page back in the day, but I really had no concept that I was manipulating the “code” on my page. I just knew that I was entering some text I found online that would make my page change colors, and letters fall across the front of the page, oh how proper design concepts has changed since then…

At an rate, I would like to learn how to master writing code that makes web applications attractive and functional (HTML, CSS and Javascript), and I would like to combine those skills with a thorough knowledge of WordPress, so that I will know how to code a site from scratch, as well as be proficient in the best content management software on the planet.

At this point, I I’m not 100% certain of where I want to go with this, perhaps a coding bootcamp, or maybe try my hand at front-end development, or WordPress theme creation…those are just a few ideas. For right now, I just know what I like, and when I master these skills, I’m sure the knowledge will lead me to a job I will love.

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